Karida Living Protection Screens

As businesses continue to reopen and new businesses are created, the rules for social distancing and the way businesses can operate following the COVID 19 pandemic will remain with us for a long-time into the future. Employee and customer safety have to be a priority for any business, creating a safe, acceptable environment for people to gather. The measures a business takes to control of the spread of Coronavirus will ultimately determine whether staff and customers are willing to visit the business premises, be it a school, office, shop, leisure facility, restaurant or bar.

 Karida Living Protection Screens

The distance we have to keep between us can be a deciding factor as to whether your business can return or continue to operate as it did do before the COVID 19 pandemic, so safety precautions will need to be planned carefully. Communal places such as shop counters, reception areas, offices, gyms, restaurants, bars and food preparation areas are more difficult to manage and protect your staff and the public.

Karida Living Protection Screens are designed as an affordable solution to creating a safer, cleaner environment, helping to build confidence in your premises with your staff and customers that visiting your business is a safe option. Used in conjunction with other guidelines and risk assessments, the Karida Living Protection Screens are the perfect UK designed and manufactured solution for your business.

Karida Living Protection Screens

Karida Living Protection Screens are available in 3 different systems:

Freehanging System – a simple, transparent protection screen, attached to the ceiling or suspended ceiling using hooks, hangs vertically and is held taught by gravity and guide wires. Very simple to erect and the ideal solution to shield against coughs, splutters and sneezes. Cleaned with antibacterial wipes and sprays.

Freestanding System – A sturdy, portable, freestanding aluminium framed screen, using the same transparent protection screen. The frame creates tension in the screen, providing a professional looking screen that is suitable for many uses. The brushed aluminium frame adds a touch of class and all components are cleaned using antibacterial wipes or sprays.

Roller System – a traditional roller blind using the transparent protection screen material. Choose from a traditional chain or automated operating system. All components are cleaned using antibacterial wipes and sprays

Karida Living Protection Screens

The Karida Living COVID 19 Protection Screens are easily installed, with minimum fuss or disruption and can provide the ideal solution for social distancing and preventing the spread of the Coronavirus virus.

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